Why Should My Business Have A Blog?

Why are so many businesses incorporating blogs on their websites?  Blogs and business go hand in hand for providing and promoting communication, marketing, customer service and information.

When you include a blog on your business website, you are opening up the doors to many potential customers.  Blogs that are well maintained are current and so they provide up to date information about the business.  This can include specials and sales, new products and innovations and hot tips about deals that are coming up.  This information will encourage visitors to return time and time again, looking for bargains or new ideas.  Both customers and potential customers have immediate access to current news – information that they may share around, generating further interest.

Blogs can be a great way to communicate with customers.  They are a useful tool to help the business to understand their customers’ needs, any problems they may be having and also to receive positive feedback about products and services.  Others reading the blog may find answers to questions or they can post their own questions and receive immediate response.  Blogs can be used as a method of customer service and this form of interaction helps promote customer satisfaction.  This, in turn, will increase the potential of them returning to the company for further business.

It is important for businesses to update their blogs on a regular basis.  By providing interesting and informative news about latest products and services, customers will feel valued and involved.  The personal and immediate response to customers queries and comments will increase customer satisfaction and loyalty and enhance the image of the business.

Updating a business blog can be time consuming but it is a simple thing to do online, without having to use IT support. For your blog to be successful, it is vital that you listen to customers’ feedback and needs and respond as quickly as possible.  Maintaining a business blog is not expensive and yet it has a huge marketing and customer service potential.

Need further convincing?  Doug Rice has 12 Most Glaring Reasons Why Businesses Should Blog.  Matthew Geer offers further arguments s to why your business should have a blog.





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