Is Your Website Working For You?

How effective is your website?  You have put some time and effort into creating and setting up your site and you’re very pleased with the result.  But is it drawing in business?  Is it a successful marketing tool for making sales?

Are you having lots of visitors to your site but not making the sales?  This lack of conversions can be caused by a number of things.  Does your website flow?  Is it easy to read and to understand what products and services you are selling?  What about the contact details or email list sign up buttons?  Are they placed in a clear and obvious place?  It is vital that visitors have no difficulty in requesting a quote or in understanding exactly what they need to do to make a purchase.  Make sure that your call to action icons are obvious and easily seen.  To find answers to these questions, experiment with your site, making changes to see if there is any impact on sales.

If you use Google Analytics you can measure sales and conversions from your website.  You can also learn how visitors are using your site – where they are, how they arrived and different ways of encouraging them to come back.

Once you discover more about where visitors to your site are located, you can then run a campaign targeting the different associated areas.  For example, a special deal for people living within a certain place or extra discounts for overseas shoppers.  This could turn your small local business into a multi-national enterprise.

Google Analytics can also help you understand about your bounce rate.  This is where you have visitors to your website arriving on one page and then immediately leaving.  Reasons for this could include not finding quickly what they are looking for – contact information, promotions or even a clear understanding of what your business is and what it is offering.

As more and more people are using smartphones to browse the web, make sure your website is mobile friendly.  Your web developer can help you achieve this.  Google Analytics can help you find out how many of your visitors are using a mobile phone.  This information is very useful for your marketing campaign.

Importantly, experiment.  By altering your campaigns, changing wording, running different promotions and sales and monitoring your visitors using Google Analytics, you can discover what is working and how to make your website more effective in boosting sales.


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