What hosting do I need for a WordPress Blog?

“What hosting do I need for a WordPress blog?” was not exactly a question on my lips seeing as I work for a great hosting company.  I didn’t have to look far!

I have learned, however, that WordPress is what’s called a ‘light weight script’ and it is compatible with nearly all web hosts.  That is, just about all hosting companies support WordPress.

WordPress has certain requirements and, after having a look at them and realising I don’t have the necessary degree to understand what they are, I panicked just a bit.

It was a relief to discover that there’s no need to worry about these requirements as most linux web hosts often have utilities to easily install WordPress for you with just a few clicks.  If you aren’t able to ask, look for any hosting providers that use cPanel.  cPanel is a utility often provided with web hosting to allow you to manage emails, files etc and often has a “quick installer” called “Fantastico” that does all the WordPress setup and installation hard work.

You will have to decide how much space you need on the web.  If your intent, as a blogger, is to do well on the social media networks and therefore receive a lot of traffic, it makes sense to start with a low amount of bandwidth.  You can upgrade  as is necessary.   A WordPress site can run well under 100 MB space. If you are offering downloads, and hosting your own images then you will need more space.

Some really basic things to look for with any hosting plan that you will use for WordPress are:

– At least 1 database (each WordPress installation generally needs its own database)

– At least 100mb storage space

– At least 400mb of traffic (just so you can host images and a few videos without too much hassle for low traffic)

Probably the best suggestion I can make is that you discuss your personal needs and goals for your blog with your chosen hosting company.

For further details, have a look at whoishostingthis.com or hostwordpress.com and for a great hosting company, may I suggest booyah.com.au.

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